End-to-end software delivery to meet your requirements and expectations. Managed.

Benefit from a proven, trusted managed IT services partner who is able to attach into your existing IT infrastructure to scale and evolve your enterprise.

Why Aitech?

Proven expertise

5 years in managed software product delivery

Full spectrum

Comprehensive services, including engineering delivery, QA, DevOps, Managed Scrum Teams, Product, Solution Architecture and more

Rapid ramp

Full velocity of first scrum
team in as little as 3 months

Our Approach

Our full-cycle managed services target enterprise software engineering to bring you all the benefits of in-house software delivery — predictable, scalable, and strategic — while freeing up your internal resources for business priorities.

Managed Software as a Service

Client experience

Build a proactive, personalized, and meaningful plan around your needs and objectives.

Managed Software as a Service

Delivered value

Achieve predictable, valuable outcomes through frequent delivery of quality software.

Managed Software as a Service

Technical agility

Adopt and evolve agile practices organically to move your organization forward.

Our services


Design, engineer, and build the custom software you need to advance business goals. Managed by you, executed by us.


Identify, secure, and deliver your IT enterprise and minimize business risks with predictable software deliverables and advanced operational processes.


Deliver an improved customer experience with professionals specialized in quality assurance and test automation.


Maximize your digital storefront with value-driven custom software e-commerce solutions and integrated, omnichannel experiences.

How we work

Through the creation of tighter immersion between parties, reliable performance KPIs, regular product reviews, and full transparency of all aspects of the partnership, we bring our managed service to life in a way that can be effectively communicated to the greater organization.

Engagement and delivery assurance

Has your IT enterprise size, value, or ability to deliver ever been called into question? We understand the subtlety and balance of delivering something right now versus the right thing. We work closely with you to understand your goals and build teams around those desired outcomes to achieve your technology vision.

Managed Software as a Service

Our top
technical skills

Managed Software as a Service

WCF, ASP .NET Core, Windows Services

Managed Software as a Service

React, AngularJS/7+, ASP .NET/MVP, WPF, HTML, CSS/Saas, WinForm

Managed Software as a Service

SQL, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL

Managed Software as a Service

Test automation:
Selenium, Cypress, Cucumber,
Appium, Gherkin

Managed Software as a Service

Jira, Git, Azure DevOps

Managed Software as a Service

C#, Javascript, HTML, Java

Managed Software as a Service

Entity FW / Core

Managed Software as a Service

Core Patterns:
SOLID, Design Patterns

Managed Software as a Service

Azure DevOps, Jenkins

Managed Software as a Service


Managed Software as a Service

App Service, Functions, API Mgmt, Key Vault, Application Gateway, Blob Storage

BMO Harris reduced BCP
review time by 40%

The 16th largest US bank and second largest in Chicago leveraged a managed services model to ensure that it was prepared for any scenario that threatened its customers’ trust. The bank sought to improve the speed and quality of business continuity processes and disaster recovery plans.

  • Up to 40% reduction in review time
  • 20%-time savings
  • Expanded reporting and data analysis capabilities

Enhanced InsurTech app Drives 3x sales growth in just two years.

A leading InsurTech provider built its unique and robust technology platform to change the way small business owners shop for insurance. Aitech’s managed services contributed to improved workflow, productivity, and customer experience.

  • 3x increase in annual sales in two years
  • Improvements in workflow, customer service, and overall productivity
  • Faster application process and increase in total applicants

Building an innovative, open-source IoT platform for edge computing

Edgeworx wanted to evolve IoT (Internet of Things) using edge computing and open source. What started as a software engineering project grew into Aitech Group integrating an open-source IoT edge platform across healthcare, retail, and technology enterprises.

  • Comprehensive SDKs for building and running IoT software
  • Lower cost, higher-return IoT investment
  • Scalable development platform

Choose an engagement format that suits you best

Our Managed Services models are a highly integrated effort, both vertically and horizontally.

Managed Software as a Service

Better outcomes start here. Drop us a line to jumpstart your managed software as a service project with us.