In a bid to grow and tap into new markets, service companies are investing heavily in technology and standardizing service processes and delivery operations. But with great opportunity comes great cost to budgets and resources. To accelerate and evolve, service organizations will have to embrace changes to their IT infrastructure by themselves or find reliable third-party resources

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From streamlining legal services to managing risk and compliance to creating data aggregation and analytics tools, our software engineering expertise, broad industry background, and experience working with the latest technologies and platforms help our service industry clients run their business more efficiently, lower operating costs, and accelerate their software delivery.

  • SaaS-Based Product Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Custom Software for Digitizing and Streamlining Business Operations
  • Talent Delivery

Lawyer Exchange Solves
Double-Sided Staffing Crunch
in Legal Services

Aitech feels like a partner. Often, when you have a contractor in any field, you feel like you’re dealing with an enemy. You always struggle with them over what you thought was going to happen versus what’s really happening. The Aitech team connects those threads. Not only did we get what we expected, but they also brought things to our attention that we hadn’t even thought of. That has helped to make the entire application even better than what we initially imagined.”

Bob Meltzer | CEO and Founder