Rampant innovation and disruptive technologies are giving high-tech industries a competitive edge. But many high-tech companies have yet to fully recognize the value or achieve scale due to software delivery challenges.

Who We Work With

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)IoT CompaniesSaaS Providers
Vertical-Specific Software Providers

How We Help

A large percentage of our work has been working with leading technology companies to design, develop, deliver, and test innovative, award-winning technology solutions. Our team of forward-thinking engineers helps our clients define value, achieve scale, and respond quickly to market opportunities.

  • Talent Delivery
  • Engineering as a Service
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • New Product Development
  • Quality Assurance and Test Automation

SpheraCloud Gives Customers
Greater Visibility with Real-
Time Data

“We had a handful of projects that we wanted to accelerate but didn’t have the team in-house to do it. What attracted us to Aitech was the idea that the work the team was committing to was guaranteed to get done. Aitech was willing to take on risk with us. That meant they were incentivized to understand what we were trying to build—the scope, the requirements, and a plan to execute. When you have skin in the game, you’re committed to delivery. That was completely different.”

Perry Marchant | Chief Technology Officer, Sphera